Stargazy Pie

I am delighted to announce my new book, the first in a new series:

Stargazy Pie Ebook Sept 2017

A Dozen or So Years after the Fall of Astandalas

Magic is out of fashion.
Good manners never are.

Jemis Greenwing returned from university with a broken heart, a bad cold, and no prospects beyond  a problematic inheritance and a job at the local bookstore.

Ragnor Bella is a placid little market town on the road to nowhere, where Jemis’ family affairs have always been the main source of gossip. He is determined to keep his head down under the cover of his new employer’s devastating mastery of social etiquette, but falls quickly under the temptation of resuming the friendship of Mr. Dart of Dartington—land agent to his older brother the squire and beloved local daredevil—who is delighted to have Jemis’ company for what is, he assures him, a very small adventure.

Jemis expected the cut direct. The secret societies, criminal gangs, and cult to the old gods come as a complete surprise.

Book One of Greenwing & Dart, fantasies of manners—and mischief.

Now available from Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kobo.

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