Books and Stories

A few notes about the stories and their chronologies:

The majority of my stories fit within the sprawling universe of the Nine Worlds. The two main events anchoring the chronology across these disparate worlds are the Fall of the Empire of Astandalas and the end of the Great Game Aurieleteer played between the Lord of Ysthar and the Enchantress Circe.

There are several clusters of stories, including those about the members of the Red Company (before and after they were a company of would-be folk heroes), the series Greenwing & Dart, and stories set on post-Fall of Astandalas Ysthar (which is more or less our world, with magic). Other standalones explore various aspects of the Nine Worlds; most tie in, one way or another, with the Red Company.

Stories set before the Fall:

The Sisters Avramapul: The Bride of the Blue Wind (2017), The Warrior of the Third Veil (2017), and The Weaver of the Middle Desert (forthcoming 2019).

The Tower at the Edge of the World (20

Stone Speaks to Stone (2018)

Stories set after the Fall

Short Stories set on Ysthar between the Fall of Astandalas and the events surrounding the end of the Game: ‘Rook’ (2014), ‘Scheherezade’ (2014), ‘Galatea that was Ino’ (2014), ‘Inkebarrow’ (2014), ‘Blue Moon Over Pincher Creek’ (2014).

The following are all approximately contemporaneous with the end of the Great Game Aurelieteer (which occurs in Till Human Voices Wake Us), though most are set elsewhere in the Nine Worlds.

Till Human Voices Wake Us (2014)

Greenwing & Dart: Stargazy Pie (2016); Bee Sting Cake (2017); Whiskeyjack (2018); Blackcurrant Fool (forthcoming 2019); Love-in-a-Mist (forthcoming); Poor Man’s Weatherglass (forthcoming); Sops in Wine (forthcoming)

In the Company of Gentlemen (2018)

The Hands of the Emperor (2019)