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A novel in the “Tales from Ysthar” sequence.

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A retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice set in a mostly-real modern-day London …

Behind the corners of our world, there is magic.

As the Lord of Ysthar, Raphael is responsible for it.

An honest man, his lies are legion. An infamous recluse, his social circle includes Scheherezade, Shakespeare, and the Crown Prince of Faerie. He is a great mage to his enemies, a movie star to strangers, and a hundred pseudonymous half-lives to history. He is dutifully trying to prevent the end of the world when his long-lost twin brother Kasian gate-crashes his life.

Raphael is prepared to sacrifice his soul, his reputation, and his crown to save his beloved Ysthar. Saving himself is another matter entirely.

There is magic. It’s not enough.